We love being able to share the stories of impact that you made possible through your generosity. So we are excited to share with you some exciting news from Uganda!

We recently received word from our friends at Building Tomorrow that construction of the school that you helped fund is now fully underway!

ODW + Building Tomorrow

Last August we announced that ODW had funded its largest-ever matching grant! Thanks to your support and donations we were able to raise $60,000 to fund the construction for a new Building Tomorrow Academy in Mabaale Uganda.

The BT Academy will provide learning space for the estimated 325 school-aged children in the area. Because the nearest school is 5.5km (3.4 miles) away, the BT Academy will provide access to education for children who might have otherwise been without. As a sign of their commitment, parents and guardians are contributing UGX12,000 ($4.62) per student each term to ensure the temporary “school” stays open until construction is complete. The Academy will include multiple classrooms, an office, a library, bathrooms, and a playing field.

Building Tomorrow Academy Groundbreaking

Years ago, an older man had a small plot of land that sat empty and he made a wish for a school to be built in the area. He was never able to see this come to fruition, but when his grandsons heard of Building Tomorrow’s work they made an offer to donate the land in their grandfather’s honor.

The Building Tomorrow staff and community recently began construction at the BT Academy site in Mabaale. [Map] People in the community, local officials, and children alike, all gathered to witness the exciting event and publicly committed to collectively volunteering approximately 20,000 hours of their own time and labor over the coming months to build a school and support the education of their children.

This is an exciting step forward in providing quality education for all, a mutual goal of One Day's Wages and Building Tomorrow. 

Thank you for making this possible!


Pictured above is Building Tomorrow's Country Director, Joseph Kaliisa (left), with brothers Edward Kayikuuzi (middle), and Edward Muganga (right). These are the brothers who donated their grandfather's land for the BT Academy. 

During groundbreaking, local officials took turns driving the hoe into the ground to begin work on the school's foundation.

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