Right on the heels of announcing FOUR funded projects in the last two weeks, we're proud to announce a new partnership with the John Dau Foundation (JDF) to help strengthen and improve access to quality maternal care in South Sudan.

The $20,136.27 raised through our matching grant with JDF will provide the funds for them to purchase and install solar panels atop their new maternity ward. The installation of these solar panels will allow medical staff to provide better care to expecting mothers and increase the amount of women they can serve. 

Who is The John Dau Foundation?

The John Dau Foundation is a nonprofit organization which strives for a world in which quality health care, a basic human right, is available to everyone. JDF believes that health services are not a luxury, but a necessity. Therefore health care should be readily available, even in areas with minimal infrastructure. Specifically, JDF's mission is to bring basic, quality health care to the people of South Sudan; a region which has been ravaged by civil war and tribal conflicts, and has a lack of medical professionals and hospitals. In the aftermath of a devastating civil war, health needs have largely gone unmet as the country has struggled to rebuild. John Dau, a “Lost Boy” himself, is dedicated to meeting the health needs of this population.

The Need:

According to the World Health Organization, South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, with 2,054 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Due to high rates of birth, this means that every mother has a 1 in 7 chance of dying in childbirth in her lifetime from pregnancy related causes. South Sudan's infant mortality rate is calculated at 72 deaths for children under one for every 1,000 live births, making South Sudan's infant mortality rate one of the worst in the world. Further exacerbating this problem is the fact that there is only one qualified midwife per 30,000 people in South Sudan.

The ODW + JDF Partnership: 

The John Dau Foundation has recently built a new maternity ward. JDF and ODW, are seeking to install solar powered electrical units for this building to make it fully operational. One key aspect of having electricity in these units will be the ability to use a new ultrasound machine and have it be consistently operational. This technology is critical for primary obstetric care as it allows the midwife to identify key information about the baby. Adding reliable electricity in these new units will not only help to provide better health outcomes through expanded maternal child health care, but will also assist in empowering woman by providing them with a space to receive information on health choices and concerns.    

How You Can Help:


Photos were taken by Jon Brack