Announcing funded projects is always a great day at the ODW office because we love getting to tell the story of a great organization and the people that we are impacting together.

So, we're thrilled to to tell you that our $34,644.90 matching grant to Mali Health has been fully funded! This grant will help fund the construction of a maternity ward and basic laboratory in one of the poorest areas of Bamako, Mali's capital city. These facilities will go a long ways in curbing the high maternal and child death rates in the community and providing a sustainable health care system in Mali for years to come.

How Did We Accomplish This?

It was truly the support of the ODW community that made this partnership possible. Several people, like Shinai and Stephanie, donated their birthdays to the cause. Mali Health hosted an event and was able to raise over $14,000 for this project. At the end of the day we couldn't have funded this project, or any of the other 39, without so many of you joining the movement and spreading the word and generously donating. We would like to thank you for however you engaged in this partnership. This grant would not have been possible without your support. 

A Message From Mali Health:


Your generous support to Mali Health is about to create something concrete: a maternity ward and laboratory among a growing peri-urban community with poor access to needed services. Thanks to you and One Day’s Wages, we've successfully fundraised for this key addition to the clinic and the community.  Now on the ground, I can report the enthusiasm with which this project is being met.

The proposed structure will house birthing space, a semi-private recover room, prenatal and family planning services and the basic lab to support clinic activities. In a word, this provides access, and access to these services results in reduced maternal and child mortality and healthier child development in the crucial early stages. 

While local women and the clinic management committee continue to fundraise within the community to stock the facility, we’re moving forward with plans and logistics to begin construction. I look forward to updating you along the way, and encourage you to connect to us on Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter.

As you know, this is a challenging time for Mali, with the world’s attention turned toward the country for the complex geopolitical situation implanted in a once peaceful nation. And yet, despite these acute issues, when surveyed, citizens cite basic human services as their greatest need.

On behalf of them and our team, thank you for staying the course with us.



Kris Ansin |  Executive Director, Mali Health

Thank You!

As always, we'll report back to you with videos, pictures, and progress reports as they become available to us here. You can also learn more about our Health Fund and make a donation to future projects like this one.

We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust. ODW is you, me, us, and them working together for a more compassionate and just world.