Happy New Year & Happy Upcoming Birthday! 

As it's a new year, we want to invite you to make a resolution or a pledge to celebrate your birthday with us this year AND help impact the world.

One of the most effective ways of raising awareness and funds for our causes is through our Birthday For A Cause campaigns. As you celebrate the joy of your birthday, what a great message it would be to help empower others on your birthday. In giving up your birthday and creating your own birthday campaign, you can have a dramatic impact for those living in extreme poverty. It's simple, yet so impactful. 

Our promise to you is that 100% of donations (minus credit card fees) go directly to the project of your choosing. If you raise $1000 for your birthday campaign, we'll send you a free ODW t-shirt or ODW water bottle!

How it Works:

  • Create your own personal birthday campaign page. Several weeks before your birthday, take a few minutes and create your page. 
  • Set a fundraising goal. You can choose any goal and don't be afraid of not reaching your goal. 
  • Choose where to give. You choose any open ODW project to donate to and 100% of donations (minus credit card fees) from your campaign will go to that project. 
  • Walk the talk. Donate your day's wages or the amount you're asking from people to your campaign to let others know that you're not asking them to do something you're not willing to do. For example, if you're turning 25, you can ask your friends to donate $25.
  • Invite your community to celebrate your birthday with you! Share and promote your birthday campaign with your family and friends via email, facebook, twitter, throw a fundraising party, and anything else you can think of. 

This year, partner with ODW. Take 5 minutes, create your own campaign, and pledge your Birthday For A Cause!

You're not alone! Join the Movement…

We've been blown away by people around the world – young and old, kids and adults, women and men – that have chosen to give up their birthdays for a cause. Here are some of them:

Umm, Claudia challenged her friends to help her raise $1000 and if they did, she'd cut her hair. And yes, she cut her hair…not that she looks scary in this picture. 🙂

The entire Do Family donates their birthday to ODW – every single year. Pappa Do, Momma Do, Noah Do, and Naomi Do. We love this family and are always inspired by them. They've helped raised thousands of dollars for numerous projects. 

Deborah is from Australia. For her last birthday, she invited her Aussie family and friends to donate to her birthday cause for the Horn of Africa. Her goal was $1000 and she raised $1012 – all for people and projects. 

The picture says it all. Happy Birthday, Njeri! Thank you so much for donating your birthday for a cause with ODW.

Jasper is from Singapore. Jasper is a chef. Jasper recently turned the big 21 years old. Instead of gifts, drinks, flowers, or whatever, he asked his friends and family to help him raise funds for ODW's Clean Water Fund. Jasper raised $2,288.30. Wow.