You, Me, Us, and Them…Working Together

It's been another amazing year and we're grateful for your trust, support, and partnership.

In 2012 (thus far), over 2500 people and various groups (companies, churches, schools) have given $472,942.65 to the movement and projects of One Day's Wages. Our supporters come from over 40 different countries including our most recent country…Borneo!

Because of your support, we engaged 15 projects in 2012 – having fully funded 10 projects and on our way to funding the remaining 5. Since our inception in 2009, we've launched 42 projects around the world to empower those living in extreme poverty. 

Empowering and Impacting Communities:

These aren't just projects. These projects empower people and are making an impact in communities around the world:

  • We recently funded our project with Preemptive Love that will provide life-saving heart surgeries for 20 Iraqi children and provide 5000 hours of medical training for local Iraqi professionals.
  • Our project with Spark Ventures will enable 350 children in Hope Community School (Zambia) to receive basic school materials, medical treatment, and health education.
  • Our movement raised the funds to plant 200,000 trees in Ethiopia and provide 2000 days of local wage employment for local farmers with Eden Reforestation Projects. 
  • We funded our project with Nyaya Health to build far-western Nepal's first and most comprehensive microbiology laboratory. Over 3000 people a year will finally receive proper testing and treatment to help combat infectious diseases.
Much more took place in 2012 and with your ongoing partnership, there will be more to come!

Year-End Giving

If you're thinking about making a “year-end” donation, we'd be honored if you'd consider One Day's Wages. You can give to any of our current partnerships or funds. As always, 100% of your donations (minus credit card fees) go directly to the cause to empower people. Additionally, you can also give to our Administration Fund which supports our operations and allow us to continue to grow this movement.

Thank you and let's keep it going!