We love getting to share exciting news that was made possible through your generosity.

One Day's Wages is excited to announce that our matching grant with Sayaha International has been fully funded! Because of your faithful support and outpouring of generosity, we were able to grant Sahaya $10,329.90, this surpassed our original goal by $1,129.90. Thank You!

How Did We Accomplish This?

Some of you donated your birthday for this campaign, like five year old Siddhant, while others donated as a gift to their friends and family for the Holidays. Some gave large checks, but the vast majority of the donations that came in were comparatively small. This is incredibly encouraging and is proof that every little bit helps! Thank you so much to everyone who gave to this project!

What Will The Impact Of This Grant Be?

In the villages of Andimadam, awareness of health-related issues and access to preventive measures is very low. Misconceptions about sexual health and puberty are especially rampant. 

One Day's Wages and Sahaya are partnering to bring improved health to over 600 children through education and health check-ups in the Andimadam area of India. The money raised for this project will go to serve two purposes focused on Children's health in Andimadam:

1. Initiation of a health monitoring program for all children in Sahaya sponsored schools and programs.

Sahaya will hire a Clinical Nurse and Community Health Nurse who will perform general health checks for all the children in Sahaya sponsored schools. The check-ups will include things like temperature checks, vision tests, height-weight measurements, simple medications, and give referrals to local doctors or hospitals if necessary.

2. Education of health science and preventative health measures.

Nurses and science teachers will develop and teach a health curriculum. The curriculum will be designed to educate the children on general health, preventative health measures, infectious diseases, and sexual and reproductive awareness.

A Message From Sahaya International

We are very humbled by the swift and generous response to our fundraising campaign with One Day’s Wages to improve children’s health in India. So many of you showed that the health and future of the children here in rural India is close to your heart, and Sahaya International is grateful that you decided to stand up as a health advocate for these kids and get involved. Your generosity to donate directly, and your commitment and dedication to encourage your friends and family to contribute is amazing, and the results exceeded our expectations. Within three months, we raised over $10,000, slightly more than our original goal. Wow!

Thanks to you, we will bring better health to more than 500 children from underprivileged families, including many HIV-affected orphans, in rural villages in southern India. Health is something no one can take for granted, but due to lack of funds or awareness, many people here are unable or wait too long to seek healthcare. In our newly-funded program, the children will receive a medical check-up, including eye exams, so that appropriate treatments and/or referrals can be done at an early stage. In addition, a health education curriculum with many fun, participatory activities will be implemented to teach the kids health-related topics, including anatomy, hygiene/sanitation and other preventive measures.With your support, timely medical check-ups and health education for the kids makes possible that the benefits of their improved health extends to their communities and future generations.

By giving these children of rural India access to better health, you are providing 500-and-more children with a greater chance for a happy and meaningful life. In the name of all these children, we thank you for this precious gift. 

– Dr. Koen Van Rompay, Founder, Sahaya International 

Thank you for making this possible!

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