One Day's Wages is proud to partner with Love146 to provide young girls in the Philippines who were exploited through human trafficking a hope of a brighter future. Our goal is to match the $12,463 we already released to Love146 for a total of $24,926 to fund the education and vocational training elements of their Round Home aftercare program for two years.

The Round Home is a safe home for formerly sexually exploited/trafficked girls. 21 girls a year will go through this aftercare program where they will be treated, cared for and empowered to have a brighter future.

Who is Love146?

Since 2002, Love146 has been responding with researched, intentional, and effective programs. Love146 believes child sex slavery will end when it is prevented from happening and that enslaved children can be freed and restored only if effective aftercare is waiting. Love146 works towards the end of child sex slavery through prevention and aftercare. Put simply, Love146 believes in the power of Love and its ability to affect sustainable change.

The Need.

It is estimated that up to 100,000 Filipino children become victims of human trafficking every year. These include children who are sold for sex or driven into forced labor within the country and overseas. A handful of the sexually exploited children are sometimes rescued by law enforcement and concerned NGO’s, but their placement in a suitable shelter is always a problem. The rescued children either end up on the streets, in prisons or are housed in overcrowded government shelters that are far from being conducive to restoration and are likely to end up being sexually exploited/trafficked once again.

Without proper educational qualifications, even the minority of the children who escape their plight lack the skills to be competitive in the labor market and thus, face grim economic prospects. The lack of access to education for these individuals has a profound impact on the their quality of life and that of their future families because they lack the skills and education to generate a steady source of income. Without the financial means to receive a proper education, generations after generations could be prevented from achieving social mobility and attaining equal opportunities. This in turn, prevents them from earning higher wages and entrenching them farther into poverty, leaving them vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

What is the ODW + Love146 Partnership?

ODW is partnering with Love146 through this matching grant to fund the next two years of the education and vocational training elements of the Round Home aftercare program in the Philippines. ODW has already released $12,463 to cover the first year and through this partnership we would like to match that for a total of $24,926 for a second year of operation.

The Round Home is a safe home for formerly sexually exploited/trafficked girls. The Round Home program is committed to facilitating ways and means to promote the children’s productiveness, empowerment and realization of their potentials, it also serves as a protection from re-experiencing abuse and exploitation. One of the ways this is accomplished is through education and vocational training. For each child we explore and pinpoint opportunities and institutions that will enable the child to make a suitable, sustainable living. Specifically, we look to promote growth and development by doing the following:

  • Placing the child at the appropriate level of formal schooling
  • Conducting tutorial classes
  • Exposing the child to the arts, sports, and vocational activities.
  • Conducting workshops in topics of interests, such as hygiene, poetry, sex education, dance, music, cooking, etc.

  • Facilitating venues and activities wherein the child can express talents and creativity.
  • Conducting regular career counseling.

The child is set on a career track of her choosing based on her informed knowledge of her options. These activities ultimately facilitate the release of the child’s potential, instilling hope for a different future.

How You Can Help.


Love146 Round Home from LOVE146 on Vimeo.