What an amazing year!

In 2011 (thus far), 3465 people gave a total of $419,248.50! Because of this amazing generosity, we've invested $345,077.81 through grants, matching grants, and partnerships and the rest (all of it!) will continue to be invested through carefully vetted partnerships and projects. 

As you know, 100% of donations (minus credit card fees) go directly to projects (and people) – in order to empower those living in extreme poverty.

Changing Lives. Impacting Communities.

But there's so much more to the story than just numbers. Your generosity is saving lives, changing lives, and impacting communities:

  • Approximately 10,242 kids in 5 schools and 2 orphanages in Cambodia received clean water through our partnership with a child's right. One of our staff was recently there to personally see its impact. 
  • We've raised enough funds to plant about 280,000 trees in Ethiopia and Madagascar through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.
  • We responded to the drought, crisis, and famine in the Horn of Africa. Thus far, we've raised $142,922.20. We've saved lives through food, water, and medicine and will continue to come alongside our partners for long term development.
  • We awarded a grant to Mercy in Action to build five maternity waiting homes in the Philippines.
  • We haven't forgotten Haiti and partnered with Roots of Development for a $22,438 'matching grant' to bring clean water to 1200+ people in the community of Nan Plim, Haiti.

How did this happen? 

  • You gave. Others gave. Thus far, 3465 individuals gave. 
  • Bobby worked one day each month for ODW.
  • Naomi (5 years old), like numerous others, donated their birthdays for a cause.
  • Justin biked 2000+ miles. Miles ran another marathon. This group climbed a mountain.
  • Lots of shaving took place: Martin shaved his head. Angie shaved her head. Another Anji shaved her head. Numerous men started a shave or save that Asian mustache campaign. Together, these four campaigns raised $26,193.33. Wow.
  • The kids from Morrison Academy, a school in Taiwan gave – again – and blew past their $10,000 goal – again!
  • Companies such as MiiRCaseCrown, and several others join the movement.

Year-End Giving

If you're thinking about making a “year-end” donation, we'd be honored if you'd consider One Day's Wages. You can give to one of our current partnerships and matching grants. As always, 100% (minus credit card fees) go directly to the cause.

Additionally, you can also give to Celebrate ODW's 2nd Birthday – which supports our operations and allow us to continue to grow this movement.

So, as we end this year, we want to say:

THANK YOU! Let's keep it going!