One Day's Wages is turning 2-years-old and over the month of November, we're asking our friends and supporters from all over the world to help us celebrate our birthday!

In two short years, we have had 7,431 people from around the world join the ODW movement. In addition, we've had numerous partnerships with musicians, artists, companies, and other organizations. In total, we've raised $858.318.13. One of the unique things about ODW is that 100% of donations (minus credit card fees) go directly to projects and partnerships. Thus far, we've invested in 21 different partnerships in the efforts to fight extreme poverty.

We are truly GRASSROOTS!

Because of our “success” and the great press that we've received from numerous sources such as the New York TimesNPRSeattle Times, and Mashable, most don't realize how small and grassroots ODW truly is. Did you know that:

  • We have only 1 paid staff (operations) and one 10 hour/week contractor (accountant).
  • Our founders still volunteer their time along with interns and other volunteer staff.
  • Our global headquarters is a small 250 square feet office. Yup.

How can you help celebrate our birthday?!

Because 100% of donations (minus cc fees) go directly to projects and partnerships around the world, we raise our “administration funds” separately. While we operate as an incredibly lean organization, we still need some love and support! 

To celebrate our 2nd birthday, our hope is to find at least 1,000 people that can donate at least $20 to support ODW's work.

If you make a birthday donation to ODW, we'd like to send the following gift(s) from our store as a small token of our gratitude:

  • Donate $20 | ODW sticker.
  • Donate $100+ | ODW t-shirt
  • Donate $200+ | ODW Hoodie or Water Bottle.
  • Donate $500+ | All 4 items above!

Celebrate ODW's birthday. Give now.

And check out our video tour of our massive headquarters!