We're excited to share with our movement that because of your generosity, we hope to award up to 3 grants totalling $30,000 in the upcoming months and many more in the future through the ODW Human Trafficking Fund – an issue specific fund meant to address the prevalence and severity of human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Fund targets projects addressing the many facets surrounding human trafficking. 

Educate Yourself – What is Human Trafficking?

The United Nations defines Human trafficking as “the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them”. Human Trafficking is a very local issue, and looks differently from place to place; it can include sex slavery, forced labour, debt-bondage and even forced fighting in wars. It often takes advantage of women and children, as these groups are typically the most vulnerable in societies.

Many advocates for those subjected to trafficking have rightly called human trafficking “modern slavery”. Instead of being a intuitional form of slavery based solely on race, like most of us think of when they hear of slavery, the modern slave trade looks for those that are politically marginalized, stigmatized and in situations of desperation, and then exploits them for their own gain.     

  • There are an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 children, women and men trafficked across international borders annually. (U.S. Department of State)
  • Worldwide, there are nearly two million children in the commercial sex trade. (UNICEF)
  • The total market value of illicit human trafficking is estimated to be in excess of $32 billion. (UN
  • There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today – More than the total amount of people seized from Africa during the four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. (National Geographic)

$30,000 for Grants

Because of some individual donations and birthday causes for this project, an amazing and inspiring idea campaign via Justin's 2000 miles bike ride, and $25,000 raised last year for this issue, we have decided to award up to 3 grants totaling $30,000 to organizations that are working in the area of Human Trafficking and we hope to announce our recipients at or near this year's Annual Gala.

But we need your help.

Share your suggestions for Grants

At ODW, our ethos and values are not to award grants by hosting popularity contests, voting, or social media contests. Thousands of people have trusted us with their funds and we take that trust and stewardship seriously. 

Rather, we want to find and vet organizations – particularly smaller ones that are often overlooked – that are doing significant, transparent, and measurable work.

There are many organizations that are doing inspiring work but we don't know all of them – or even many of them.

This is where you come in

In the comment section below:

1) Share an NGO or CBO (community based organization) that is working around the issue of Human Trafficking and in countries classified as “low or medium development” nations by the United Nation’s Human Development Index.

2) Explain why you believe in their work. 

While not exclusive, our goals are to partner and collaborate with NGOs and CBOs whose operating budget is under $100,000/year USD.

* For organizations, you can read more about our criteria for grants and submit an initial letter of inquiry (LOI) here.

** For larger NGOs, we may direct them towards a “matching grant.”

Your voice matter to us. We look forward to reading and researching your suggestions.