Amazing news. One Day's Wages is excited to announce that not only have we reached our goal of $22,795 for our partner project with a child's right in Cambodia but the response was so overwhelming, we had to expand the projects from 5 schools and orphanages to 7 sites. Of course, the funding goal was raised to $34,041.

And the incredible news: Fully funded!

What does this mean?

This will dramatically impact seven communities – five schools and two orphanages/schools – in Siem Reap, Cambodia through a basic and essential human necessity – clean water. Click here to learn about all seven sites.

This partner project with a child's right will help provide water purification and filtration systems, freight costs, installation, training, and monitoring for 10 years. These projects will impact approximately 10,242 kids and 417 staff 13,142 kids and 410 staff = 13,552 people. * Update: a child's right notified us that one of the original sites asked to be pulled and was replaced with another site explaining the change in final numbers.

These purification and filtration systems will be installed and ready approximately in May/June of 2011. As usual, we'll report back to our donors with pictures, stories, and videos as they become available.

How did we accomplish this together?

  • Many gave what they could – however small or large – and several donated their one day's wages.
  • Two schools created campaigns for this project: Lakeland High School in Idaho, USA and Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK). For MAK, 190 elementary and middle school students raised $21,350.
  • Several ODW supporters started their personal campaigns including a young woman named Olivia. She recently got married and asked her friends to give to her ODW campaign in lieu of any bridal shower gifts. Wow.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely: Thank you!

Additionally, here are some words from Eric Stowe, founder and director at a child's right:

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with One Day's Wages. We have been huge fans of their work since day one.

Now, together, we are helping to ensure that thousands of vulnerable children have access to clean and safe drinking water. And we couldn't be more excited! Our mission is guided by the core belief that the children we serve are as gifted and unique, as powerful and fragile and full of promise as our own.

Due to the hard work and amazing generosity of many donors and the students at Lakeland High School and Morrison Academy Kaohsung (MAK) in concert with One Days Wages, a child's right will be able to implement safe water projects which will benefit 13,142 kids and 410 careworkers for these children across 7 sites in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

For this, we are profoundly grateful! Thank you for your generosity, your desire to change the world and your decision to empower the work we are doing.

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Let's celebrate this accomplishment! And let's keep going…