ODW is proud to welcome MiiR Bottles as one of our newest company partners in the fight against global poverty.

Nearly 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water. But amazingly, just $1 can provide clean water for one person for 1 year. In this innovative partnership, MiiR will donate $1 for every MiiR bottle that's sold as part of their one4one initiative.

Who is MiiR?

In 2009, entrepreneur and outdoor adventurer, Bryan Papé wanted to create a more functional, lifestyle water bottle. A bottle that would be simple to use and could also be uniquely customized. In the process of creating MiiR, Bryan learned that nearly a billion people don't have access to clean drinking water. Wanting to help, he incorporated an initiative called one4one, directly into the brand. One dollar of each MiiR bottle purchased provides one person with clean water for an entire year. The full $1 donation, all 100 pennies, go directly to those in need.

The ODW + MiiR Partnership:

Through their one4one initiative, MiiR will donate $1 for every MiiR bottle sold and aims to invest $10,000+ in 2011 to help fund ODW's water partnerships and projects that may entail:

  • Providing clean sanitation – toilets and wash sinks.
  • Building water wells.
  • Water filtration systems. 

“We are very excited to work with One Day’s Wages as our official giving partner relating to our ongoing one4one clean water campaign. One Day’s Wages has a similar vision of sharing not only the statistics but more importantly the stories of people affected by extreme poverty. This partnership reinforces our one4one commitment and will help streamline our process to provide clean drinking water worldwide as our business continues to grow.” – Bryan Papé, Founder of MiiR

4 ways to Support this Partnership:

Photos: [1] MiiR helps build a new water well in Liberia. [2] Bryan Papé (founder of MiiR) celebrates a new water well in Liberia. [3] ODW + MiiR co-branded water bottle. Photos 1 and 2 by John Keatley.