One Day's Wages is excited to launch a new partner project with Krochet Kids international to join them in launching their new program in Peru. When fully funded, this partner project will create a work space and provide wages that will empower women and their communities for years to come.

Krochet Kids intl. is a non-profit organization that exists to empower people to rise above poverty. Through an innovative program, they offer women the assets, skills, and knowledge to pull themselves out of poverty. By taking part in their rehabilitative program, women are instantly able to provide for their immediate needs, while also taking part in essential career training that will be the foundation of a successful future.

The byproduct of their programs is a collection of fashion headwear and accessories made by the Krochet Kids intl. beneficiaries. Through the sale of their products, Krochet Kids is able to sustain their programs for years to come, as they have experienced with their initial program in Northern Uganda.

Krochet Kids intl. seeks to change the world by equipping women with the necessary resources and education to provide for their own families, and by engaging their communities at home to support through the purchase of their products. In this way, they are pioneering a movement to make humanitarian aid completely and definitively obsolete.

Each product is hand-signed by the woman who made it.  Meet the ladies in Northern Uganda here.

What is the ODW & KKi Partnership?

ODW is partnering with KKi to help provide the initial start up costs for a brand new project in Lima, Peru. The $21,000 raised through this collaboration will provide the wages and workshop space for a group of 10 vulnerable women. The funding of this project will be the kick-start that launches their program in Peru into a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment for many years to come.

Why Wages?

Women take the driver’s seat of development when empowered with a fair and consistent income. A diverse set of needs (food, water, sanitation, clothing, education) is met simply by providing an income.  Aid handouts are no longer necessary because the income is used to provide what the family needs.

And the best part is that mothers, sisters and daughters are equipped with a means to pull their own families out of poverty. The attitude change that comes with this opportunity is by far the greatest contributor to our success.

How Can You Help?

When you give, you create an income for a woman in a less fortunate situation.  You create true empowerment by putting this woman in control of her life. Finally, you contribute to an organization that for the last 2 years has turned every $1 donated into $4 of aid.


Our Pledge to You

100% of your donations (minus credit card fees) will go directly to this project.  As usual, we'll report back to our community about the progress of the funding and once funded, will report back with pictures, videos, and stories to convey the impact of this project. 

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