We have great news to share with the ODW community. Because of your generosity and creativity, we are excited to announce that we've fully funded our partner project goal of $15,000USD with Nuru International!

How did we accomplish this?

Some gave their one day's wages and other amounts. Some created birthday campaigns including Naomi who celebrated her 4th birthday by raising $1,500! We even had “ideas for a cause” including Esther who ran her first marathon to help fund this project!

What is the partnership and how will it impact?

An ODW Partnership of $15,000 will provide loan capital for Nuru’s agriculture program. This will allow for expansion of the program’s beneficiaries in a new area of Kuria, Kenya. Each loan, which consists of seeds, fertilizer, and other farming materials, is $107 USD per year per season, for a total of $214 USD annually per family.

This project will allow 70 Kenyan families – with an average of 5 members each – to enter into this empowering agricultural program.

After one year in the program, families average $369.40 of income (after their loan is repaid with interest, and after their own family’s food needs are met). This money can go towards paying school fees for children, medical needs, and/or savings for future investment. For a farmer in rural Kenya, this income makes all the difference in their quality of life and contributing to their rise from extreme poverty.

A Message from our partners at Nuru International:

“All of us at Nuru believe that every person has a contribution to make in ending the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation.

We are tremendously grateful for the network of people who are part of the movement of ODW.  Together, we are ending extreme poverty, one community at a time!  

Right now, as a result of the $15,000 grant from ODW, 70 families are able to receive a loan of high quality seeds and fertilizer along with training on proper planting and harvesting techniques.  

These people are taking the first step to lifting themselves out of extreme poverty, forever!  I'm hopeful that many more will follow the great example of the folks who donated this grant, and help even more farmers in Kuria break the shackles of extreme poverty.”

Billy Williams, Nuru Grassroots Movement Director

Thank you for making this possible!

We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust. ODW is you, me, us, and them – working together for a more compassionate and just world.

As always, we'll report back to our community and donors with videos, pictures, and additional info as they become available to us.

photos & video courtesy of Nuru International