One Day's Wages is excited to announce a “partner project” with a child's right (ACR). This partnership of $22,795 will provide the funds that will dramatically impact five communities – 4 schools and 1 orphanage/school – in Siem Reap, Cambodia through a basic and essential human necessity – clean water.

This partner project with ACR will help provide water purification and filtration systems, freight costs, installation, training, and monitoring for 10 years. These projects will take place at five locations and will impact approximately 8962 kids and 384 staff! Click here to learn about all five sites.

WHO IS a child's right?

a child's right is a non-profit relief organization that provides charitable
relief for children living in orphanages and street shelters as well as
those attending schools and visiting children's hospitals in
impoverished urban and semi-urban areas in underdeveloped countries.

ACR provides water purification and filtration systems, water storage containers, and extensive hygiene education to orphanages, street shelters, schools and children's hospitals in locations with verified water issues. ACR does not exclude any child due to religion, ethnicity, gender or location – all children deserve this gift and we believe without question that this is a basic right of every child. 


Of the 3 million people who die every year due to waterborne diseases caused by unclean water,
90% are children under the age of 5. These diseases are the single biggest threat to children the world
over and as such the push to provide clean and safe drinking water to children in need is of paramount importance.


  • Calculate your one day's wages or invest any amount to fund this project.
  • Start a birthday for a cause campaign and raise funds directly for this partnership!
  • Form a group campaign (family, school, church, etc.) or share other ideas with us.
  • Help spread the word. Email, Tweet, Share on FB, Like, etc. 



100% of your donations (minus credit card costs) will go directly to this project.  As usual, we'll report back to our community about the progress of the funding and once funded, will report back with pictures, videos, and stories to convey the impact of this project. 

Here's a glimpse of what our collaboration, ODW + a child's right + YOU, will be doing in these five communities in Cambodia.