We have great news to share.

Through the generous and creative ODW community, we have fully funded our partnership project with HEAL Africa to raise $25,000 for 250 Congolese women to receive Fresh Starts Kits!

Not only will this dramatically impact 250 women but also their children and families.

What is a Fresh Start Kit?

A Fresh Start Kit costs about $100. It provides small-business training and skills, and provides the equipment they need to go back to the village and begin to support themselves. It may be a sewing machine, or money for small trade capital, or a goat or small livestock. The woman is involved in all aspects of the choices she makes for her future.

Many of these women have been victims of gender violence as a result of the war in that has claimed over 5 million lives since 1998.

How did we raise $25,000?

As is the case with all our projects, grants, and partnerships, it is another example of what we can accomplish together.

Together, we can make a dramatic impact. Over the next few months, we'll share back with our community the impact the Fresh Start Kits are having as these women are empowered to make their own decisions.

To visit the campaign page click here.

Thank you.

Watch this video from our friends at HEAL Africa [sent to us from Congo].