On July 21st, Pakistan began experiencing extreme flooding due to
heavy rains and monsoons, causing rivers to breach capacity and entire
villages to become submerged. Now, it's estimated that nearly 1/5 of the entire country is underwater.

This natural disaster is affecting nearly 20 million people – more than the Haiti Earthquake AND 2004 Asia Tsunami combined, many
aid organizations are estimating. This is due largely to the loss of
infrastructure: homes, businesses, crops, health and education
services, that will take years to rebuild.

Unfortunately, there has been relatively little response to this crisis by the international community, when compared to other large natural disasters. The lack of response to the crisis is affecting flood victims, as many aid organizations are struggling with lack of funds to respond to the disaster.

We here at One Day's Wages also underestimated the severity of the flooding but we also realized that…

it's not too late to help.

ODW has chosen to partner with two organizations – KASHF and World Vision. They both already have a very substantive presence in Pakistan and are currently engaged in the relief efforts. We've created an initial goal of raising and distributing $20,000 to support the flood relief efforts and we've personally committed $5,000 towards the relief efforts.

All donations through ODW's Pakistan Flood Relief Fund will be evenly distributed between these two organizations and as always, 100% of your donations (minus credit cards costs) go to the relief efforts.

Will you join us? 

  • Donate your day's wages.
  • Donate $65 – the cost of relief packages to sustain a household for 1 month.
  • Start a birthday campaign for Pakistan.
  • Work one day this month for Pakistan.
  • Create an idea for Pakistan.

Imagine the impact we can make together…

Just $65 can sustain an entire Pakistani family who have been impacted by the floods for an entire month.

Donate to the Pakistan Flood Relief Fund now.