Great news! One Day's Wages is excited to announce that we have reached our goal of $25,000 for our 2nd completed funded project with one of our partners, charity: water

The funds will go towards a project that will “radically transform” a school and community in Ethiopia: $20,000 will go towards providing clean sanitation – toilets and wash sinks – and $5,000 will build a water well that will provide clean water. 

Why Clean Water & Sanitation for a School?

Right now, approximately 1 billion people on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. That's one in six of us. Each well built in Ethiopia serves approximately 500 people with clean water access.

Clean water gives children the opportunity to attend school and get an education. With education, communities are able to raise up strong leaders, making it possible to break the cycle of poverty and allowing future generations to improve their quality of life. Clean water offers kids improved health, a better quality of life and hope for a bright future.

  • TIME | Many children spend all day helping their parents fetch water instead of going to school.

  • GIRLS | Lack of latrines and water to wash with causes girls to drop out of school when they begin puberty.

  • DISEASE | Dirty water causes diseases like diarrhea which can lead to dehydration and death.

Thank you!

Funding this partnership was only possible because of YOU, our amazing One Day's Wages community.

You donated your One Day's Wage, threw parties, donated your birthdays, and beyond, to make funding this project possible.

Not only do we appreciate your support, we received this note from Scott Harrison, founder and president of charity: water:

The team at charity: water is extremely grateful for the work of Eugene and Minhee and the entire team at ODW. Most importantly, to all their supporters who helped raise the $25,000 for this school in Ethiopia. 100% of your donations will go towards building a clean water well and toilets for girls and boys at the school. The lack of clean water and toilets is one of the top reason kids drop out of school in the developing world.  

Your gift will radically transform things here in the village and make better learning and health possible for hundreds of students. Thank you.

What's next?  

After an ODW project is funded, we follow it to completion. We'll be sending a check soon to charity: water and this project will commence later this year. Through our partnership with charity: water, they'll help provide pictures, more details of the specific school, a video, and GPS coordinates to prove the funds being used specifically for this project and the impact we can have when we work together.

Don't become cynical. Let's continue to dream and work together to make this world a more beautiful and just place.

Pictures provided courtesy of charity: water