One Day's Wages is excited to announce our 3rd grant to Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF) – a community based organization doing amazing work in Southeast Asia. ODW pledges to grant $10,000 (40% of their proposed project) upon the successful completion of SDRF securing $10,000 of additional funding through this matching campaign through their supporters.

Who is SDRF?

The mission of SDRF is to bring about holistic transformation among poor, marginalized, and at-risk communities in Southeast Asia and beyond by empowering peoples at the grassroots level to improve their quality of life.  SDRF engages in “process” with the local community in order to learn their felt needs and to collaborate with them in addressing long-term, creative, and sustainable solutions to those needs.  They act as “brokers” of resources, knowledge, and connections that facilitate positive changes toward this goal.

The SDRF was first started in order to reach out to and interact with the marginalized and impoverished Isaan people of Northeastern Thailand.  In an effort to respond to their needs, SDRF developed a system of village-based, integrated agriculture to help the poor meet their subsistence needs.  Systems that integrated pigs, ducks, fish, rice and vegetables linked to stable water resources were developed in multiple village communities in order to provide resources to maintain livelihoods.  

Project Details

The Livelihood Project centers on developing sustainable livelihoods for hundreds of HIV/AIDS-affected families in seven provinces in Southern Thailand where the prevalence of HIV disease is among the highest in Asia.

The Livelihood Project will support the training, equipping, and maintenance of tilapia ponds at the level of a community or a group of families. The families will then market and sell the fish to generate income and thus the resources to escape poverty.

In short, ODW's partnership with SDRF seeks to empower hundreds of HIV/AIDS affected families to lift themselves out of poverty.


One Day’s Wages has offered a matching grant of $10,000 to support The Livelihood Project. We invite supporters of SDRF to make a difference in Southern Thailand by helping raise the additional $10,000 to receive the matching grant.

You can donate your one day's wages, another amount, or start a campaign (birthday, work, or idea) to give specifically towards this project.

Visit the SDRF donation page here.

1. Gathering May 2010 of the HIV/AIDS affected communities to celebrate Easter
2. View of ocean nets at the Marine Research Institute