As we shared in our previous blog entry, one of the main components of ODW's vision is to support and partner with small but thriving organizations around the world that are doing compelling work in the fight against extreme poverty.

In that spirit, One Day's Wages is pleased to announce the recipient of our 2nd grant. ODW is awarding a “matching grant” to Justice Ventures International (JVI). ODW pledges to JVI $5,000 (50% of their proposed project) upon the successful completion of securing $5,000 of additional funding through this campaign.

Who is JVI?

Around the world today, millions of people are involuntarily trafficked within and across national borders, residents of large urban slums are deprived of basic necessities, and the poor have limited access to quality legal counsel and fair legal processes. Justice Ventures International is a non-profit organization dedicated to securing freedom, justice, and restoration for the poor and oppressed by strengthening ventures that promote justice.

Project Details

Operation Agape is an initiative to promote justice in southeast Chennai, India – the fourth-largest city in partnership with South East Chennai Pastors Fellowship.  Chennai is India’s fourth-largest city, with a population of 8 million people.

Operation Agape’s aim is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger through microenterprise development and vocational training and to achieve universal primary education by ensuring children in Chennai the opportunity to complete a full course of primary education. Through Operation Agape, JVI also seeks to provide pro bono legal aid services for the poor and oppressed and organizations serving these communities.


One Day’s Wages has offered a matching grant of $5,000 to support Operation Agape. We invite supporters of JVI to make a difference in Chennai, India by helping raise $5,000 to receive the matching grant.

You can donate your one day's wages, another amount, or start a campaign (birthday, work, or idea) to help fund this matching grant.

Make a donation here or click the image below.