Great news. We're giving away a free ODW T-Shirt for anyone that starts their personal campaign for a cause and raises $1000 for the cause of fighting extreme global poverty.

The concept is so simple but the impact is so dramatic.

Take 5 minutes to create your own personal page.  Here's how:

  • Birthday for a Cause.  Donate your day's wages on your birthday and start an ODW campaign. Set a fundraising goal. Choose where to give. Encourage your community to make a donation to your birthday cause. 
  • Idea for a Cause. Your creativity matters. We want to partner with you and collaborate with whatever talents, passions, and ideas you have – benefit shows, house parties, group fundraisers, etc.
  • Work for a Cause.  Pick one day and work for those living in extreme poverty. Create a goal. Choose where to give. Ask your employer to match your donation. Mobilize your community to support your campaign.

Make a dramatic impact & start one now.

Here's Our Pledge:

  • 100% of your donations (minus credit card costs) go directly to projects.
  • You decide and choose where to invest your donations and campaigns.
  • Complete transparency. You'll know all the details of how much we're raising, who we're funding, and the impact of our collective investment.