We're trying to keep reminding everyone this truth: You can make a difference. I can make  a difference. We can make a difference. 

While we might not be rock stars, billionaires, or famous movie stars, we still have gifts, resources, passions, and creativity that can be utilized to empower those who are living in extreme global poverty.

In addition to people's ability to personally give their one day's wages or any small or large donation, we love to remind people to think in creative ways to integrate their hobbies, passions, and skills.

Here are some examples: 

Here's the most recent example of “Your Passion + ODW = Impact.” A group of folks that are passionate about break dancing partnered with ODW. You have to check out the video below.  Amazing.

Let's do it! Be creative. Use your passion. Partner with ODW. Email us at office@onedayswages.org to set something up.