Thank you for being a part of something very special.

Every week, we're reminded about the impact that one person can make when they choose Compassion, Action, and Justice – not because they're coerced by fear, shame, or guilt but rather, inspired by Hope, Courage, and Beauty.

Here are some glimpses of the momentum to the movement of ODW:

  • This past week, we eclipsed $250,000 in total donations raised. 100% of these donations (minus credit card costs) will go directly to projects to alleviate global poverty.
  • Two inspiring stories: High School students raise $10,000 for the Haiti Relief Fund and this young lady sells her motorcycle to fight global poverty.
  • We're almost fully funded with our project to build a Border Outpost to help rescue about 300 young Nepalese girls from human trafficking. 
  • Our first company partners with ODW and is donating 5% of their product sales ($60,000) which will help provide clean water for 3000 people for the next 20 years
  • We've launched our invitation for artists and musicians to join the fight against global poverty and partnerships are forming including our early adopters – Rocky Votaloto, Trace Bundy, and others.
  • We received a grant from Google last month that's equivalent to about $120,000 of free advertising.

Lastly, I want to briefly update you on the Haiti Relief & Rebuild Fund. Due to your generosity, we have raised over $94,000 for our two current partners in Haiti – World Concern and Partners in Health – and will likely reach our “current” goal of $100,000 in the coming weeks.

As I write this newsletter to you, I'm currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (as a guest of World Concern) to assess the work that has been already done through your funds and the work that needs to be done in the slow but important rebuilding efforts. I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

Be encouraged…We are making an impact!

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On behalf of the ODW Team,