We need your help.

We are now looking for YOUR suggestions of new organizations that we can potentially partner with.

When people join our movement and donate through ODW, they can either give to our general “Giving Fund” which allows our Board of Directors to award grants to small NGOs and CBOs (such as this one), or people can actually choose which project (and organization) they want to support through our “partners.”

That's where you come in!

Please share your suggestions of organization we should consider. Please note that while our grants are directed towards small NGOs and CBOs (around $100K US budget), we're looking for various projects through several partners   that are larger and more established (with budget up to around $1mil).

Once we finish a project with a partner organization, we look for new partners. Here are some other criteria to consider as you make your suggestions:

  1. The organization's work should align with one or more of the Millenium Development Goals.
  2. The organization should be a registered 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States or registered in their respective countries. 
  3. The organization should be active in social media platforms (website, facebook, twitter, etc).
  4. The organization should be working to keep their administrative costs low, thereby directing a high % of their funding directly to projects around the world, in areas of extreme global poverty. Funds raised through ODW must go directly to an agreed upon project.

Are there any org's out there that you know and love, that we should consider partnering with? Write your suggestions in the comments and let us know.

As usual, all orgnizations suggested will go through One Day's Wages vetting process before they can be considered for an official partnership. We are looking to add 1-2 new partner organizations in the coming weeks to begin highlighting on our website and fundraising for through the ODW community.

While we love our collaboration with these established “partners,” we'll be writing another blog post in the future to highlight why the heart of ODW is actually small grassroots NGOs and CBOs around the world (that are often lesser known). We also want to hear your recommendations for these grants so look for that post soon.

photo credit: from charity: water (one of our current partners)