“Each person can make a difference.”

Do we truly believe this? Or in this case, do we believe that high school students can help change the world through their creativity, sacrifice, and actions?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Recently, some of the student leaders from Palos Verdes High School (California, USA) – Mike Kang, Katie Reidy, Natalia Declarson, and Jake Edelstein – contacted ODW to inquire about a partnership to help raise funds for our Haiti Relief and Rebuild Fund. Their vision was to put on a benefit show called 'Hope for Haiti' featuring musicians and artists from the student body to raise critical funds for Haiti:

“We realized our school has a lot of student bands and artists that perform outside of school, so we wanted to give them a stage on school campus where they could showcase their talents,” said Mike Kang.

What began as a simple idea began to grow into a school wide movement:

“It was crazy how everyone jumped on board right away. There was no pessimism or negativity, and everyone wanted to do it.

Even some parents and teachers got involved:

“As a teacher, it was one of those [moments] that warms your heart and you think, ‘God, I’m so lucky to be these kids’ teacher,’” Huber added. “I have never seen my kids pull together for an event the way that they pulled together for this,” said Kristin Huber, activities director at PV High. “They were so passionate about making this happen and doing the absolute best that they could. It was so refreshing to see high school kids really believe in a cause and work together for something so magnetically.”

We don't know these high school students but what we can learn from them – again – is that people can do amazing things to help change the world. The students wooed eleven bands, artists, and groups to perform. They reached out to their community for donations and sold donated Haitian artwork and food. In total, the students of Palos Verdes High School put on a sold out event (800 tickets!) and raised…$10,000 for our Haiti Relief Fund (and specifically for our partner, World Concern).

Simply amazing and humbling.

A sincere thanks to Mike, Katie, Natalie, Jake, and the rest of the students of Palos Verdes High School. You guys make us want to go back to high school all over again!

* specific quotes from this article

If you are interested in throwing an event or creating a “community fund” to benefit One Day's Wages, email julia@onedayswages.org with questions or for more information.