One Day’s
Wages is honored to have the support of conscientious artists and musicians who
are donating their time and influence to our cause. By virtue of their talent
and hard work, artists and musicians operate from a unique platform, allowing them
to make their voices heard, to promote their passions, and to ignite the
generosity and compassion of those who believe in them.

So far, several musicians have entered into partnerships with us but we envision thousands of artists and musicians from around the world to join our movement. If you are an artist or musician and
would like to partner with One Day’s Wages, there are several ways you can get involved beginning with personally donating and becoming a member of ODW:

SPREAD THE WORD. Use your influence to
make an impact and advocate for those living in extreme poverty.

  • Briefly share about ODW and/or link to us on your official websites and social media sites.
  • During your shows or on your tour, give us 1 minute to share ODW's story and let people know that you're an ODW partner. Wear our merchandise and encourage your audience to check our website.
  • Connect us with other artists and musicians.

 DONATE in a way that aligns with your
work. Here are some examples:

  • Donate “One Show’s Wages”
  • Portion of proceeds of record sales, tour, etc.
  • Create a community page and invite your fans to donate for a specific project via ODW. 
  • A piece of art or music for our annual fundraising auction (especially
    visual art)


  • Benefit
    shows for ODW have been tremendously successful all over the country. For
    information, support and materials, contact

One Day’s
Wages welcomes any other creative ideas you may have. In return, we will share all our partner artist and musicians (via our website and Twitter).

we are currently developing a music compilation, with 100% of proceeds going
towards our partner projects to alleviate global poverty. If you are a recording artist and would like to submit a song for
consideration, or for any other artist inquiries, please email