Our goal is simple: Fight and end extreme global poverty. We can't do it alone so we collaborate with NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). We leverage the voices and gifts of people.

Our medium: There are many but for now, I'd like to share with you about this website. While we still have much work to be done with the website, it should still give you an idea about our philosophy of how we seek to use it for our cause.


I often share with people that ODW is about the story. We're often given alarming (but painfully real) statistics but often miss the stories behind the numbers. We don't just want people to donate their one day's wages (umm, just once a year) but keep coming back to the site to share, inspire, be inspired, learn, etc.

We dream that ODW grows to be a movement of people and their stories of compassionate justice – there, here, and everywhere. We want to be good storytellers which is why:

  • blogs
  • we'll be sharing pictures from projects and organizations
  • interviews with folks but especially with the forgotten heroes: people on the ground
  • videos (as we are able)


We're not Facebook nor do we remotely want to be them but as you might have noticed, we've enabled 'Facebook Connect' that allows anyone with a FB account to login and build their profile. It points to one of our core philosophies that we need the global community to work together. Building a community of people that care about the issues of extreme poverty are important. This is the main reason we have a mini-social networking aspect to our site that enables you to create your profile, upload pictures, email one another, etc. Some other things you'll see in the future:

  • Ability to create groups on the site around issues, causes, or ideas.
  • Ability to upload photos, videos, or bookmarks that deal with
  • Ability to search our database of growing members with keywords of interests or locations (such as your school or city).


Social media isn't going to change the world. It's people that will change the world and be changed in the process but we do believe that social media can be a powerful tool towards that purpose. This is why you see or eventually see:

  • Twitter feeds
  • a list of others tweeting about ODW
  • Facebook connect and our own page on Facebook
  • Ability to easily share posts and stories (via ShareThis), invite friends, and cross-post comments to FB


It's a good thing.

  • Making donating simple with wage calculator.
  • Post annual reports and quarterly progress (maybe monthly initially).
  • Share exactly how much is raised, donated, to who, what, where, when, and why.

So, here are our questions:

  1. What do you think of our website and our philosophy?
  2. What else would you like to see? Not see?