The soft beta version of the website is finally here but please do not forward the site or share on any social networking site or blogs for another few week. We need to go through several more revisions before we invite another round of folks.

Let us emphasize that there's alot of work that still needs to be done on the website before we officially launch ODW to the world on October 20. So, in advance, thanks for your patience, grace, and cooperation.

But this is where you come in. This morning, we emailed about 200 people that have donated funds and/or signed up for our newsletter. For the time being, we have only invited these 200 people to take the website for a drive – even if it's far from being completed. But we invited you not only to catch a deeper glimpse of our vision but to also ask for your help. We need you to do two very important things:

  1. Create a user profile for yourself. Top right corner -> register. And fill out the appropriate info, upload a profile pic, and even share some pictures. We're aspiring to have a mini social networking aspect in order to create a community of people that will work together to fight extreme global poverty.
  2. Take some time to navigate through the website and let us know if you see
  • bugs
  • glitches
  • dead links
  • errors
  • browser incompatibility (we just found out the site looks horrible in IE7)

And please share your comments here in this blog entry. It is much appreciated.