We recently unveiled our vision for One Day's Wages – a movement to fight extreme global poverty. We're still working hard to get the beta version of the website ready by Fall and a full launch by mid-October but we still need your help.

This is our invitation for the early Dreamers, Visionaries, & Investors to help launch One Day's Wages. Raising funds is not an easy to do especially in light of two things: 1) I hear there's a global financial recession going on, and 2) It's not easy investing in something you're really not sure if it's going to do what it aspires to do.

And what is ODW's aspiration?

Inspiring people around the world through human relationships & stories and technology & social media to stir a movement to fight extreme global poverty.

Yesterday, Seattle Business Journal published this article about One Day's Wages. Help us spread the word by tweeting or posting the article on Facebook. Thank for dreaming with us…