Grants and Partnerships FAQ

Grants and Partnerships FAQ

Please make sure to read our granting criteria in addition to the following FAQs if you are an organization thinking about applying for a grant through ODW.

What are the different types of grants that ODW gives?

There are three main types of grants that ODW gives.

  1. Partnership Profile Grant: This is a grants where ODW agrees to profile the organization and project on our website and raise a specified amount through the ODW community. ODW community members can choose specifically to have their donations go towards this project. A PPG will allow greater visibility for the organization through website exposure over the course of several weeks, months, or until the PPG is fully funded.
  2. Matching Grants: A blend of the Partnership Profile Grant and General Grant, Matching Grants guarantee 50% of fundraising done by the ODW community while working towards raising the other 50% of the grant through their own community of donors.
  3. Full Grants: General grants are lump-sum grants given at the discretion of the ODW Board of Directors.

How do I know which kind of grant my organization or project qualifies for?

In short, you don’t. If you have a preference, please list it on your grant application. Our Board of Director will decide which grant to issue; the size of your organization and your donor engagement plays a major factor in our decision on which grant to issue. 

What is the first step in applying for a grant?

The first step is to registered a profile and then submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) here

How long will it take to know if my LOI was approved?

You’ll receive a response within 4 weeks.

If my LOI is approved, how long do I have to submit a grant application?

We ask that grant applications be submitted no longer than 3 months from the time of the approved LOI.

If my LOI is not approved, can I reapply?

We ask that organizations wait at least 6 months before submitting a new LOI.

If my grant application is not approved, can I reapply?

We ask that organizations wait at least 6 months before submitting a new LOI to start the process over.

How long will it take to know if my grant application is approved?

We will give you an answer within two months of receiving your application, assuming we are able to get all the information from you that we need. 

If my grant application IS approved, how long before the funds are disbursed?

It depends on what type of grant we issue. If we approve a Full Grant, then funds will be disbursed no more than 2 weeks after we receive a signed MoU.

If we approve a Matching Grant or Partnership Profile Grant, then funds will be disbursed 2 weeks after the full project amount is raised through the online campaign. Matching Grants and Partnership Profile Grants have been funded in as little as 2 weeks but can also take several months, the typical campaign takes 3-5 months to fully fund; it largly depends on your organizations ability to activate your supporter to reach the goal.  

If I’ve already received a grant from ODW, how long do I have to wait to apply for another grant?

You are welcome to submit a new LOI after you submit your 1 year follow-up report from our first project.

Once my grant is disbursed, how long do I have to submit proof of usage (not limited to, but including photos, video, written documentation of project progress) to ODW?

Althought projects must have a timeline of completion no longer than 1 year post-funding, we ask for an update 12 months post-funding, 18 months post-funding, and 36 months post-funding. Each follow-up should include how the community has benefited from the project, photos of the progress, and a detailed measurements to show any progress toward the stated goals. The final follow up should also include a detailed report addressing the long term sustainability of the project.