School Partnerships

We'd love to partner with your school to raise funds and awareness for a project or issue surrounding extreme global poverty. Together, we can have a meaningful conversation with students about these issues, inspiring awareness and igniting action at a young age.

Why Partner with One Day's Wages? 

  • 100% of the Donations (minus credit card fees) we receive go directly to the Causes we partner with.
  • Your school group decides how to fundraise and where you want the funds to go from our current list of projects/issue funds. 
  • A great learning opportunity for everyone!

How Can You Partner with One Day's Wages?   

There are a lot of ways that your school can help us create positive sustainable development in impoverished areas around the globe. Here are some ideas:

  1. Inspire Generosity & Spread the Movement: Inspire your school to make a long-term commitment to generosity with ODW through school campaigns, hosting events, developing ideas, and generating 'for a cause' campaigns.

  2. Start a School Campaign: Another way to donate is to select an ODW cause for the school year, and help us raise money to complete that cause.

  3. Host An Event: One way that your school can contribute to One Day’s Wages is by hosting an event with proceeds going towards an ODW cause.  Ideas include walk-a-thons, coin drives, Ice Cream socials, Fairs, Barbeques, and even school dances!

Click here to learn how your school can become a partner.

Our School Partners:

Cascadia Montessori School partnered with ODW's Education Fund by running a 5k

Judson University partnered with ODW by having their students learn about the issue of human trafficking and fundraise for the human trafficking fund.

O'Dea High School partnered with ODW by having their students learn about global poverty issues, raise awareness and fundraise for those issues. Student worked together in groups around the issues of Health, Clean Water, Women's Empowerment and Human Trafficking.

UW MHA Student Association Philanthropy Committee has committed to raising awareness and funds with the students of their program by coming together and drinking 1 less coffee a week for a cause.


The ODW Cypress Club was created by a group of students at Cypress High School in California as a way to raise awareness and funds for extreme global poverty at their school and in their community. 

Charterhouse Charities Committee partnered with ODW's project with Love146 in the Philippines.


Lakeland High School chose to partner with ODW's partner project with a child's right for their 2010 "Prairie Pig" spirit competition fundraiser. 




Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK) raised $21,350 in 2010 towards ODW's Water project with 'a child's right' and in 2011, they raised another $11,814 for ODW's project with Eden Reforestation- Madagascar


NNKIEH raised $6K+ to support ODW's Water Fund by hosting a school fair.


Northwest University Students put on a benefit show to support ODW's Human Trafficking Fund

Palos Verdes High School leaders hosted a benefit show featuring musicians and artists from their school for ODW's Haiti Relief and Rebuild Fund. 

Whittier Elementary School donated $44.38 in coins from Ms. Mayo's 1st grade students to One Day's Wages.