School Partnerships



We'd love to partner with your school to raise funds and awareness for a project or issue surrounding extreme global poverty. Together, we can have a meaningful conversation with students about these issues, inspiring awareness and igniting action at a young age.

Why Partner with One Day's Wages? 

  • 100% of the Donations (minus credit card fees) we receive go directly to the Causes we partner with.
  • Your school group decides how to fundraise and where you want the funds to go from our current list of projects/issue funds. 
  • A great learning opportunity for everyone!

How Can You Partner with One Day's Wages?   

There are a lot of ways that your school can help us create positive sustainable development in impoverished areas around the globe. Here are some ideas:

  1. Inspire Generosity & Spread the Movement: Inspire your school to make a long-term commitment to generosity with ODW through school campaigns, hosting events, developing ideas, and generating 'for a cause' campaigns.

  2. Start a School Campaign: Another way to donate is to select an ODW cause for the school year, and help us raise money to complete that cause.

  3. Host An Event: One way that your school can contribute to One Day’s Wages is by hosting an event with proceeds going towards an ODW cause.  Ideas include walk-a-thons, coin drives, Ice Cream socials, Fairs, Barbeques, and even school dances!

Contact us to learn how your school can partner with us:

Our School Partners:

Cascadia Montessori School partnered with ODW's Education Fund by running a 5k

Charterhouse Charities Committee partnered with ODW's project with Love146 in the Philippines.


Lakeland High School chose to partner with ODW's partner project with a child's right for their 2010 "Prairie Pig" spirit competition fundraiser. 




Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK) raised $21,350 in 2010 towards ODW's Water project with 'a child's right' and in 2011, they raised another $11,814 for ODW's project with Eden Reforestation- Madagascar


NNKIEH raised $6K+ to support ODW's Water Fund by hosting a school fair.


Northwest University Students put on a benefit show to support ODW's Human Trafficking Fund

Palos Verdes High School leaders hosted a benefit show featuring musicians and artists from their school for ODW's Haiti Relief and Rebuild Fund. 

Whittier Elementary School donated $44.38 in coins from Ms. Mayo's 1st grade students to One Day's Wages.